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Friday, October 9, 2015

Pay It Forward

If you're reading this you probably didn't take notice to what time this post was written and posted.

Well, now you have. 

I can't sleep. I just can't. I guess yesterday's events shook me up more than I thought. 
So, just after midnight, after tossing and turning, disturbing both Alex's and Xander's sleep I decided to get up and get a drink. I guess we left the T.V. on so after I turned it off, I noticed on the the floor, in front of our front door, an envelope. We (well Alex) had just cleaned up the Apartment so I thought it was strange that we had missed something like that. 

I picked it up and on the front was written words from a beautiful Hymn, it said "Because I have been given much..."

I opened the envelope and inside was a gift card for Walmart. Needless to say I began to bawl my eyes out like a big baby. It's seriously a miracle I even have any tears left after today.

So, to the wonderful person who shoved that envelope under my door, 
I love you and I promise, I will pay it forward. Thanks to you another beautiful Hymn comes to mind. It goes "Count your many blessings" and I am certainly counting that as one of mine. :)

Edit (10/9/15 12:38pm): Since I wrote this article early this morning I woke up to emails and facebook messages with kind offers to help us out this month. THANK YOU! Words can not express the gratitude I feel to all of you :) I am so grateful that we have so many friends and family that love us and have offered us so much! We lovingly decline all offers of financial support but we promise that your act of kindness has not gone unnoticed! I fully plan to pay it forward on all those offers in one way or another! Thanks again to everyone for the support and loving words :)

Always Smile!

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