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Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Letter To My Thief...

To the young man that stole my wallet,

Today started out as a great day. We sold our car we've been meaning to sell for a year now, someone paid for part of my groceries at the store, and then it all came to a complete halt as I watched you run away.

You came up so friendly. You were young looking, about 18-19, and you came to play with my baby. I love it when people play with him, because he is  my world and seriously the greatest joy of my life. I loved that he was being distracted while I unloaded my cart into my trunk. You were playing so nice with him, you must be around kids a lot.

Then I made the mistake of removing my sons blanket from his lap. I always keep my wallet next to his leg. Always. He is always with me really close so I never think about it.

You played with him so nicely, he was smiling and grunting with delight! I turned my back for 5 seconds and you ran.

I have never EVER been so scared in my life. I thought you had unstrapped and taken my son. I was ready to go mama bear on you and tear you limb from limb. When I ran around the cart he was still there, confused at why his new friend had run away.

I turned to watch you run, I didn't understand what made you leave. I turned back to my son and saw my wallet was gone. I wanted to run after you, I wanted to take you down, but my son was far more important than anything else you could have taken from me.

I watched you run across the parking lot and finally toss my wallet to the side of the road. So, I loaded my son up and drove where you discarded my wallet. I was surprised when all my credit cards, gift cards, and checks were there.

You took all my cash though, all of it. All $170 dollars.

I hope you needed it. I hope you use it to feed your family, or pay for school stuff, or gas for your car. I want to think the best of you.

I also want you to know how guilty I feel. I feel guilty that I was not careful, that I was too trusting, that I can now not afford groceries this month. I am so careful with my money. I budget and save and pinch pennies everywhere I can. That money you stole, was meant to feed my family for the WHOLE month of October. 8 days in and I can't even buy an apple.

Thankfully I have food storage prepared for times like this. We will survive this month. But my trust and my heart are broken.

I hope that if I ever see you again that you will tell me what that money was used for. I hope next time you ask for some and I will gladly give you some. I hope you don't steal from anyone else. I hope you know I'm not mad. I hope your situation gets better, whatever you are going through.

I forgive you,
Rikki Lynn Haws


  1. I love you, friend. I recall when someone stole my purse and i was angry, hurt, made, sad, mad, sad, angry....and years later I still feel anger. Not because of 'things' but the betrayal.

    1. The one thing, amazingly, that I have not felt is anger. I am not sure why. I just feel guilt and sadness that I was not better prepared! But the feeling is going away slowly and I'm almost at peace with it, realizing all I can do now is protect myself better. :)

  2. You lost not just your money but your innocence and your trust in your fellow man. That's hard, harsh and unfair. And it happens to us all, sadly. You MUST file a police report. They can check security footage. There is no doubt that he has done this many times before or he wouldn't have been so smooth. Your report might save some other young mother this pain. So call them right now. And the store needs to know this is happening in their parking lot. You're the victim and have the responsibility burden on top of it all. I love you and know that your faith will sustain you. If I had any $$$$ I would send it. Chin up.