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Monday, September 14, 2015

Alexander's Three Months Old!

I'm a stay at home mom to the CUTEST 3 month old boy ever! Well, actually I do work a little, but I am lucky enough that my job allows me to take my son with me and take as many breaks as I need! It is seriously such a blessing for my family.

At three months he loves to stand up while being held! He can stand while holding onto things, like the couch or the back of the bench at church. His Grandpa walked at 7 months and his Daddy walked at 9 months so we will see when he walks!
He is quite the little dancer. He just loves to move and groove whether he is standing up or laying down.
He's beginning to teethe... yay... they probably won't cut until 5-6 months though.

He loves going on walks with Mommy and Daddy and sitting in his stroller.
 This is what happens when Xander won't smile at the camera... My husband makes him do the fishy face...

We also officially have a thumb sucker! Considering that I sucked my thumb until I was like 6, I am not that surprised. But we caught the first time he did it on camera! It's blurry but still adorable.

And look at my little helper! Xander loves sitting in his Bumbo while I cook or clean! As long as he can see mommy he's smiley and giggly!

His eyes are still a gorgeous deep dark blue, but occasionally they will have a few brown or green flecks in them, but sure hope I get a blue eyed boy! Oh, and his hair, definitely red in the sun! The new hair that is starting to grow also has some nice curl to it! 

He is now super talkative. He could talk for days and tell you millions of stories if you let him. He growls and screeches and giggles. They are basically the best sounds I have heard in my entire life. 

He can still fit in newborn clothes though he mostly wears 0-3 month clothes and he's still in size one diapers! He's such a little guy and we love it!

That's pretty much it! He's growing and learning and getting cuter everyday! Here are some more pictures to prove it!

Oh and who can resist lipstick kissy pictures of their baby? NOT ME!

Always Smile!

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